How do E5 compare to T5HO?

  • E5 lamp wattage is almost half of a T5HO lamp
  • The output light levels of the E5 lamps is the same as T5HO lamps
  • The life of a E5 lamp is 5-8 yrs, much longer than a T5HO lamp (<1yr)
  • E5 lamps have a 3 year warranty
  • E5 lamps have a superior color rendering
  • E5 lamps have amazing spectral maintenance

Are E5 lamps really a direct replacement to T5HO lamps?

Yes.  The E5 Retro Series lamps will directly replace T5HO lamps.  You can simply remove your aged T5HO lamp and replace it with an E5 lamp and you’re saving money from that point forward!

And you’ll not need to change your lamp(s) again for 8 years!

I've had issues with T5 warranty and service how is the E5 warranty better?

With an industry leading 3 year warranty you can rest assured that your E5 lamps will be covered in the event of a manufacturing defect that causes failure!

T5 lamps are far to fragile for manufactures and retailers to offer any kind of warranty, in fact they often even change you more to ship T5 lamps because of the high likely hood of broken lamps from shipping damage.

That’s just not needed with E5 lamps.  Another way you save money when you choose E5 retro-fit lamps!

Do E5 lamps have the shimmer that LEDs have?

Simply put, no…  The E5 Retro Series is a direct replacement to your T5 lamps.  In that way, we’ve designed them to have the same look as T5 with all the benefits of LED.

The E5 Retro Series is meant to be as simple as it gets to replace outdated T5 lamps!

Can I mix and match E5 and T5HO lamps?

That’s a great question! The answer is yes.  In fact there are a couple reasons you may need/want to do that for now.

Currently lamps with a strong UV component are not available in the E5 Retro Series.  And while we’re working on growing the E5 line, for now, mixing T5 and E5 will work if you need or want that level of UV light.

There would be no harm to your fixture and ultimately, you still save power for every E5 you change out.

I've not used LED lights before, can someone help me with my set up?

Yes, that’s not a problem we are happy to help.

Give us as much info as you can and we’ll get you an installation suggestion as quick as we can.

I cannot get additional fixtures to link in my Euronet system.

  • Make sure you’re pressing and holding the buttons on the fixtures one at a time, and do not hold the button too long. It requires only 2-3 seconds to see the steady, smooth pulse. (NOTE: If you see a very slow pulse you’ve helped down the button to long.)
  • Make sure you are only trying to link two fixtures at one time. Confirm that each fixture has linked before linking another fixture.
  • Use the same first fixture to link all additional units to your network.
  • Make sure all fixtures have the same firmware version installed

I cannot access the system via WiFi.

  • Make sure you are trying to access the system in the correct mode
    • Check for available WiFi access points if you see “EURONET” then the system is an Access Point Mode and you can connect directly.
    • Select the system and configure it directly OR connect the system to your home network using the WPS feature
  • If the system is connected to your home network via WPS, make sure your mobile device is also connected to the home network and use the Euroquatics Remote app to identify the IP address of the system.  Type that IP address into your browser and the system should come up

I can see the network on my mobile app but it will not open.

Go into your network setting and have your phone forget the network and then reconnect.

My LEDs do not turn on, but I can access the fixture via WiFi on my computer or smart phone.

  • Make sure you have the time set correctly in your system and the lights are programmed to be on at the current time.
  • Make sure you’ve saved your Program setting properly in your program.
  • Make sure you are setting a Program and not a Mood.

My fixtures do not power up at all.

  • Make sure the power supply is working. When you power cycle the device the fan should come on for a second.
  • Make sure the power supplies have power and that a breaker hasn’t tripped.

My LEDs flicker.

  • Make sure your power cord is securely plugged into the unit.
  • Make sure your unit has good ventilation

My interface webpage does not load properly or is incomplete.

  • Note, you should make sure to give the webpage time to load.  It can take a minute or two with some browsers or network connections to load completely.
  • Refresh the web page.
  • Make sure you’re giving the page time to load. It can take a few extra seconds the first time you log into the system.
  • Try clearing the cache in your browser.
  • The web interface does not work well on tablets as multiple types of mouse clicks are used, we do not recommend detailed programing via tablet devices.

One or more of the fixtures in my system seem to dim when they are not supposed to.

  • Check the Settings page for the unit temperature. When the units get hot, they dim to self-protect. If they are reporting over 50°C (122° F), you should make sure there is good ventilation!
  • Make sure you hear the fan running. If a fan fails, a system can get hot very quickly and the self protection will kick in.
  • If the fan does not power up, it may need to be replaced.

Are there serviceable part in the Angel?

While the Angle system has several serviceable parts like the lenses, fan and LED arrays, if you do not have a high degree of confidence in your ability to disassemble and properly reassemble the fixture, we advise asking for help from someone with the right skill set.

Questions on FaceBook

Please note that we will have very limited support via Facebook. We will try to get to any questions that come in as quickly as we can but please note we do not check it daily.

Discover Apps

If you don’t have a smartphone, you can get the IP address of your Angel system when it’s connected to your home network using this discover app on your Windows Computer or Mac.  This app is not needed if you are connecting directly to the Angel as outlined in the manual.  Simply type the IP address into your browser.


  1. Connect your Angel system to your home WiFi by following the instructions in the manual.
  2. Download and install the app that is for your system
  3. Open the app (the computer must be on the same WiFi network)
  4. Click on the Euronet link that shows in the list and the app will launch your browser.  You can also enter the reported IP address in your browser manually if you wish.
Apple Discovery App
Windows Discovery App