Your T5 will never be a T5 again!

We wanted to go back to the drawing board and change the way people think about T5HO lighting!  We wanted to take some of the exciting new technologies we’ve been exploring, and pack it all into a form factor that everyone knows and trusts.  The goal was to create a T5 style product that was superior to the old T5HO lamps in every way, and that’s how the E5 was born!


The benefits speak for themselves!

  • 8 year lamp life!
  • Simple retro-fit for T5 (2′, 3′ 4′ 5′ options)!
  • Outstanding 3 year warranty!
  • Amazing spectral maintenance!
  • Much lower power consumption!
  • Same output as T5HO lamps!
  • 100% recyclable!
  • No hazardous materials like the mercury in T5!
  • Proprietary phosphor mix, giving superior spectral performance!
  • Tropical and Marine color options!

E5 vs T5HO Lamp Life


The red shaded area is where algae growth can spike and overall coral health can be compromised due to poor spectral quality.

*Data is based on 8-10 hours of run time per day, and may vary slightly by color.

Bulb Life

E5 - 8 years
T5 - 1 year

Cost of ownership (8 years @ $0.20/kwh)

E5 - $245.19
T5 - $503.04


E5 - 3 YEARS
T5 - 1-3 months

Euroquatics E5 Retro Series lamps are the perfect solution for people wanting the

power savings, long-life and overall quality of LED, but already have a T5HO fixture.

Options (Sizes and Colors)

E5 Retro Series lamps come in all the sizes and colors you’re used to seeing with T5HO lamps, making them the perfect drop in replacement when you’re looking to upgrade to power-saving LED without changing out your entire lighting system or the look of your tank that you’ve worked so hard to create!

We’re also excited about our latest addition to the E5 line, our Blue Pop lamp.  Swap this lamp into your T5HO fixture and get coral pop like you just can’t get with T5HO! This tube is built around the very popular 450-460 nm wavelengths that make your coral come alive!

Warm Daylight
Cool Daylight
Blue Daylight (coming soon)
Blue Pop (TM) (~450nm)
Marine Pink (coming soon)
E5 Spectral Charts
Warm Daylight


Cool Daylight

Blue Daylight (coming soon)

Blue Pop (~450nm)

Marine Pink (coming soon)

Future E5 Color
Future E5 Color

Cost of Ownership

So looking at the 8 year cost of ownership, a T5HO lamp will cost you double (or more) of an E5 lamp!  And that’s not even counting the time, and hassle of purchasing, changing and trying to recycle your old T5 lamps!

Euroquatics E5 lamp will save you time AND money!  And that’s something we all can feel good about!

*Figures based on $0.20/kwh

  • E5
  • T5

Here’s a video overview on the new E5 lamps.

Euroquatics has partnered with Transcend Lighting, experts in LED phosphor technology, to bring these amazing E5 lamps to our industry. The goal was to offer a high-quality lighting alternative to the old, outdated T5HO lamps. Something that would be much more sustainable than the current products and give superior perforce in multiple categories!

E5 Color Mixing

Trancend Lightning

Euroquatics and Gavita are excited to be partnering with the team at Transcend Lighting to make this product a reality!

Transcend Lighting is a company, that like us, focuses on the science light but from an LED prospective. Their expertise is in complexed custom phosphor blends and specialized applications directly to the LEDs with optimal efficiencies  When we saw what was possible with this new custom application process, we knew that LED powered tube lighting was finally practical in our hobby and our vision for a true T5HO replacement was within reach!

Know E5 compatibility issues

Here is the list of ballast/fixtures with known compatibility issues.  When/if there are “fixes” for these issues we will post them here.  If you have any questions, please email us for more info!

  • Giesemann Razor (all sizes)