Angel – LED Aquarium Lighting

After a good run in the high-power LED market we have chosen to clearance out the Angel line of lights and focus on the E5 and E5X.

We have announced that we will be releasing the full source code for the Angels to the public. And the schematics (in some cases) on direct request.

Angle A1 – $199.99

Angle A1P – $250.00

All clerence sales are while supplies last and are final.

Whether you’re looking for full spectrum color control, or just great output and color rendering, Angel premium LED lighting systems deliver elegant performance simply. We can talk shop with the best of them about LED binning, efficacy, and efficiencies – but when it comes down to it, we know you want to focus on what’s in your tank … not what’s on it.

The Angel LED aquarium lights deliver peak performance for all your reef needs and enhance the incredible beauty of your corals with super hot Moods and Programs. Plug and play right out of the box. The Angels are some of the first all-inclusive LED reef lights on the market. No need to purchase additional hook-ups to control your lighting. Open it up, plug it in and go.



Both the A1 and A1P have all the following features.

  • Built in WiFi with WPS simplicity, no more to buy
  • Easy to use pre-set Moods and Programs
  • High-quality anodized aluminum body and shell
  • Full spectrum (including true UV)
  • Free mobile apps for both iOS and Android
  • Cree, Osram and SemiLED LEDs
  • Proprietary optical diffusion, amazing color mixing
  • Single button interface
  • And now open-source control!


Power Output

A1P - 150W of full spectrum LED power
A1 - 95W of full spectrum LED power

Total LEDs

A1P - 42 LEDs
A1 - 26 LEDs


With pre-set and user configureable Moods and Programs, customizing the look of your aquarium is just a few clicks away!

Set The Mood

Having friends over for dinner? Date night at your place? Set the Mood, set the timer and walk away. Know your reef will have just the right look – then revert to the peak performance Program settings automatically. There’s no need to go in and adjust individual color spectrums before or after. It’s simple.

  • Dinner Party: Bright. Cool. Puts your aquarium in a great light.
  • Spa Retreat: Soft. Cool. Creates a calming atmosphere.
  • Romance: Warm. Captivating. A passionate Mood.
  • Full Moon: Luminous. Makes your corals shine with the cool light of a full moon.
  • Sunset: Soft. Warm. When you want to unwind at the end of a long day.
  • Thunderstorm: Dark clouds with flashes of clear vivid light. Stirs up a storm.
  • Actinic: Dark. Extreme. A powerful deepwater look.
  • 15k: Turn on a quick 15k look.
  • 20k: Turn on a rich 20k look.

Plus, 15 more user configurable Moods!

Powerful 24-hour Programs

Euroquatics Programs run dawn to dusk with a sunrise, dynamic intensity throughout the daylight hours and a dimmed evening cycle. Six Program presets are designed to balance reef performance with striking visuals, and are ready to go right out of the box.

Serious reefers can tune up to 96 custom points across as many as 7 color channels over all intensities, and set nuanced storm probability including cloud cover and lightening for complete control over the look, feel and health of your tank.

  • Fiji Sunset: Shorter day cycle with a warm sunset.
  • Hawaiian Honeymoon: Full bright day, soft clear night.
  • Caribbean Vacation: Intense, full power day with a dark, quiet evening.
  • 10K Day: A balanced day with a 10k look.
  • 12K Day: A balanced day with a 12k look.
  • 15K Day: A balanced day with a 15k look.

Plue, 15 more user configurable Programs!

You can also search for Euroquatics in the iOS store and the Google play store for our free app!

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Open Angel API

Now with the Euroquatics Open Angel API, anyone with programming skills can make their own custom interface. We’re opening up the complete API for the Angel LED systems to programmers and hackers everywhere.

We’ll also be starting a forum that will allow you to share ideas, help each other with code, share ideas and programs!

Programs, mobile apps, there’s no end to what you can do.  And, this is just the start!

Download API Now!


A1 - 95W
  • Power output: 95W
  • Built in WiFi with WPS
  • Single button interface with EUROnet
  • 5 channel color control
  • LEDs: 26
    • Cree: Cool White
    • Cree: Warm White (>90CRI)
    • Cree: Royal Blue
    • Cree: Blue
    • SemiLED: UV (two different spectrums)
  • Titanium color aluminum body
  • High-Efficient TIR Optics with color mixing layer
A1P - 150W
  • Power output: 150W
  • Built in WiFi with WPS
  • Single button interface with EUROnet
  • 7 channel color control
  • LEDs: 42
    • Cree: Cool White
    • Cree: Warm White (>90CRI)
    • Cree: Royal Blue
    • Cree: Blue
    • Cree: Green
    • Osram: Red
    • SemiLED: UV (two different spectrums)
  • Black color aluminum body
  • High-Efficient TIR Optics with color mixing layer
  • Waterproof (IP67) power supply
Fixture physical information


A1 spectral data

A1P spectral data

A1 PAR data

A1P PAR data

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