It’s all about options! We’ve got a great list of accessories that you can use to customize your equipment, from lenses and mounting hardware, to replacement parts, everything you need to get things set up how you want!


View the full range of Angel Accessories here.  Whether you’re looking for some mounting options, lens kits, or a replacement power supply, you’re at the right place!

Mounting Systems

Angel LED fixtures were designed to fit a variety of different installation options. Here’s an overview of what we have available.

  • Cable Hanging Kit
  • Rail Kits (0.5m – 2.0m)
  • Tank mount kit (single and multiple options)

Your Angel fixtures come pre-installed with our standard optics. However, if you’re looking to change your installation or you have a unique need we have a couple options for you. Our optics are user-serviceable so you don’t need an expert to make a change.

  • Deep Optics
  • Standard Optics (pre-installed)
Other Items

Aside from the standard accessories and replacement parts, we have a other items that may help you complete your custom installation with ease.

  • Longer power input cables for the A1/A1P
  • Longer power output cables for the A1P
Replacement Parts

We know sometimes unexpected things happen and you have to replace a component in your system.  So whether you need a replacement power supply or a new fan we’ve got replacement parts ready to help you get back up and running.


The E5 Retro Series is the the newest product family at Euroquatics, and because it’s a simple T5HO replacement there are no other accessories needed!